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A new Bonded Technology that keep hands drier, softer and more comfortable for longer periods of time. Glove Bonded Technology TM (GBT” 2rabond® new and patent pending provides liquid proof protection and risk of exposure to latex protein allergy.  GBTTM is on Ultra-thin-soft World-first Bonded control system, imparting a unique level of Bonded excellent absorption to support protection gloves. 2rabond® gloves equipped with “GBTTM” technology enable users to keep their hands drier and comfortable  for longer periods of time. This provides them with higher levels of comfort when compared to traditional liner supported coated glove. Specifying 2rabond® Gloves Bonded TechnologyTM has a positive effect on your Workforce Safety & Health Protection, resulting in Employees that will work more efficiently, thus, boosting their Job Motivation.

In conclusion, GBTTM is an ultra-thin-soft composite coating that absorbs, softness and provides comfort up to 5 times more than standard liner supported coating gloves.

The “GBTTM” Protection Range

  • Liner Lining: Is a versatile ambidextrous glove liner made from 100% cotton or nylon. Providing added protection against chafing and dry skin commonly caused by hand perspiration
  • Comfort: Seamless construction provides comfort and reduces hand fatigue
  • Good Grip: Slip resistant pattern on palm of gloves ensuring good grip in both wet and dry conditions
  • Thermal Insulation: Good insulation against heat and cold
  • Gauntlet: Provides liquid proof protection
  • No direct skin contact with latex
  • No risk of exposure to latex protein allergy
  • Low lint gloves knit from nylon filament yarns
  • Easier to put on and take off
  • Glove bonded provides superior comfort & dexterity

2rabond® are Trademarks of Duramitt Sdn Bhd and is a Patent Pending Technology.


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